User Targeting

Part of building a relationship with app users is showing them the right message at the right time. That means each user may see different messaging at different times. User Hook uses targeting rules to segment app users and only show messages that apply at the appropriate time.

Targeting Fields

Out of the box, the User Hook SDK tracks several types of usage data about each user:

  • Number of Sessions
  • Total App Usage Time
  • Time Since Last Launch
  • Locale
  • OS Platform and Version
  • App Version
  • Device Type

With a few lines of code, you can also track:

  • In-App Purchase Items Bought
  • In-App Purchase Total Amount Spent
  • NPS Score Group (Detractors, Passive, Promoters)
  • Custom Defined Fields

Creating Targeting Rules

When creating a Hook Point, Push Point or Push Campaign in the User Hook admin webpage, you can assign a set of targeting rules. When using multiple targeting rules, select if ALL of the rules must match or if ANY of the rules can match in order for the hook point, push point or push campaign to apply to a user.