Push Campaigns

A great way to increase user re-engagement is through push notifications. Push Campaigns allow you to send broadcast messages to large groups of your users. If you are wanting to target specific users in relation to when they installed your app, then take a look at Push Points.

Scheduling Push Campaigns

Creating and managing Push Points is handled through the User Hook admin site. When creating a new Push Point, you have several options:

Option Value
Message Text The push notification text sent to the user.
Message Title Optional push notification title text that will appear on android devices.
Send Messages After What time your push notificiations should be sent.
Send Time Messages in a Push Campaign can be sent based upon one of the following criteria: 1) all messages at once, 2) at the time of day the user was last active in the app, or 3) at a specific time in a user’s own timezone.

Push Notification Payload

When scheduling a Push Campaign, you have the option to include additional data that will be delivered with the push notification. This data will be accessible to your app when a user taps on a push notification and opens your app. This is can be used to deep link into your app.

Limiting Push Notifications

Not every Push Campaign applies to every user. By using User Hook’s user targeting, you can send a Push Campaign to a segment of your users.