In-App Net Promoter Score

Many companies use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a way to gauge user loyalty. The NPS Hook Point makes it easy to gather NPS ratings inside your app.

Schedule an NPS Prompt

Through the User Hook admin webpage, developers can schedule when an NPS survey should be displayed to the user. This may be immediately after a purchase, after the user has completed a certain action, or in response to any custom action inside your app.

NPS Score Report

Responses from the NPS Survey are summarized on the User Hook admin dashboard. The overall NPS Score for your app is calculated along with the percentage of user responses that are grouped into detractors, passive, and promoter groups.

User Feedback

An NPS rating by itself is nice, but knowing why a user rated your app a certain why is even better. User Hook’s NPS prompts include the option to ask a follow up free form feedback question to better understand why a user rated your app with a certain NPS rating.

Loyalty Targeting

User Hook’s NPS integration doesn’t end with just a score. Once a user has responded to an NPS prompt, you can target users based on their response. This way you can encourage detractors before they leave your app and reward promoters for their enthusiasm.

Export User Responses

If you need to analyze the data in a way that User Hook does not provide, the raw responses to the NPS prompt are available as part of your app’s user profile export. This way you can download the NPS data and include it in your own reports.

Displaying NPS Prompts

For more information about implementing an Net Prompter Score prompt, please visit our how to display an NPS prompt page.