How To Display a Survey

Displaying of surveys inside your app is handled through an associated hook point. By using a hook point, you will be able to schedule your survey and change your user targeting parameters without having to change any code inside your app.

NOTE Users are meant to only respond to a survey one time. Our hook point logic will not display a survey to a user if they have already submitted a response for the survey.

Create a Survey

First you will need to create your survey. Inside the User Hook admin webpage, click on the “Surveys” left menu item and then click on the “Create Survey” button.

The fields that you will need to enter about your survey are:

Field Description
Name Internal name of the survey. The user will not see this title.
Title to Display To the User Title displayed to user inside the app.
Submit Button Text Text shown in the survey submit button. Will default to “Submit Survey”.
“Other” Option Text If your survey includes a question that allows “other” as an option, this text will be used. Will default to “Other”.
Instructions/Message This text will appear at the top of your survey.

After you have entered your survey information, you will need to add questions to your survey. Clicking on the “Add Question” button will display the fields for a new survey question. Enter your question text and select what type of field should be used for the answer (text field, checkbox, drop down, etc).

Once you are finished adding all your survey information and questions, click the “Create Survey” button at the bottom of the page to save your survey.

Survey Hook Point

The advantages of using a hook point to display your survey is that you can easily target specific users and update your prompt without having to release a new update to your app.

To create a survey hook point, log into the User Hook admin site and click on “Hook Points” in the left hand menu. This will display information about all your currently defined hook points. Click on the “Create Hook Point” button to begin creating your hook point.

The Name assigned to a hook point is just for internal use, your app user will not see this name.

The User Frequency Limit and User Frequency Interval fields will be used to schedule how often a user can see this hook point. If you only want to show the survey to the user 1 time, enter 1 for the frequency limit and 0 for the interval. If you want the user to see the survey for a maximum of 3 times and have at least 5 minutes between displaying this survey to a user, enter 3 for the frequency limit and 5 for the interval.

Hook Point Type

There are two options for displaying your survey using a hook point. You may either user a hook point type of “Survey” or a “Message”. If you select a type of “Survey”, whenever this hook point is executed in the app, the survey will immediately be displayed to the user. If you select a type of “Message”, a prompt will be displayed to the user asking if they want to answer the survey or not.

Message Settings

If you decide to use a message prompt, you will need to customize the message settings to properly display your survey. For a survey prompt, you can enter the following information:

Field Value
Button 1 Text Yes
Button 1 On Click Action Open Survey
Survey To Open Select the survey to display to the user
Button 2 Text No
Button 2 On Click Action Close Prompt
Message Content Do you mind answering a few questions?

When this hook point executes, a message prompt will be displayed to the user with your message content and a “Yes” and “No” buton. If the user clicks on the “Yes” button, User Hook will display the survey to the user. When the user clicks the “No” button, the prompt will close.

Targeting Settings

The power of using a hook point to display your survey is that you can use the targeting rules to only show it to certain users of your app.

Click the “Save” button and your survey hook point will start displaying to users inside your app that meet the targeting criteria.

Survey Results

As users submit responses to your survey, you can see the results in the User Hook admin webpage. Click on “Surveys” in the left menu and then click “view results” next to the name of the survey. On the results page, you may also export a spreadsheet of the results by clicking the “Export Results” button at the top of the page.