How To Display a Net Promoter Score Prompt

Displaying of Net Promoter Score prompts inside your app is handled through an associated NPS hook point. By using a hook point, you will be able to schedule your prompt and change your user targeting parameters without having to change any code inside your app.

NOTE Only one NPS Score response is stored for each user. If an NPS prompt is displayed to a user more than once, only their most recent response and feedback will be stored.

Create A Hook Point

The advantages of using a hook point to display your prompt is that you can easily target specific users and update your prompt without having to release a new update to your app.

To create an NPS hook point, log into the User Hook admin site and click on “Hook Points” in the left hand menu. This will display information about all your currently defined hook points. Click on the “Create Hook Point” button to begin creating your hook point.

The Name assigned to a hook point is just for internal use, your app user will not see this name.

The User Frequency Limit and User Frequency Interval fields will be used to schedule how often a user can see this hook point. If you only want to show the NPS prompt to the user 1 time, enter 1 for the frequency limit and 0 for the interval. If you want the user to see the prompt for a maximum of 3 times and have at least 5 minutes between displaying this survey to a user, enter 3 for the frequency limit and 5 for the interval.

The Hook Point Type should be “NPS - Net Promoter Score”.

Starting with SDK 2, all hook points are required to be associated with one or more events. By default, all applications have the “launch” event. You may add additional custom events as needed. When fetching hook points within your app, you will need to send the appropriate event name with the fetch request.

NPS Settings

New NPS hook points will use the standard NPS default question and labeling. You may use the settings form to alter the default text to meet your needs.

Field Value
NPS Question How likely is it that you will recommend this app to a friend or colleague?
Least Likely Label Text used to describe the lowest value (1). Defaults to “Not at all likely”.
Most Likely Label Extremely likely
Submit Button Text Text shown in the submit button. Will default to “Submit”.
Include Feedback Question? If the feedback question is included, after the user selects a score, they will be presented with a text field to type in feedback.
Feedback Question Can you tell us why you selected that rating?

Targeting Settings

The power of using a hook point to display your prompt is that you can use the targeting rules to only show it to certain users of your app.

Click the “Save” button and your NPS hook point will start displaying to users inside your app that meet the targeting criteria.

Net Promote Score Results

As users submit answers to your NPS prompt, the results will be displayed on the Dashboard for your application in the User Hook admin page. Your current NPS Score will be displayed along with the percentage of users grouped into detractors, passive, and promoters groups. If you selected to allow users to enter feedback after submitting their NPS rating, that feedback will also be displayed.