How To Add a Rate This App Prompt

There are two ways that you can display a “Rate This App” prompt using User Hook. You can have the prompt be tied to a hook point or you can display the prompt directly through code inside your app.

Rate This App Hook Point

The advantages of using a hook point to display your “rate this app” prompt is that you can easily target specific users and update your prompt without having to release a new update to your app.

To create a “rate this app” hook point, log into the User Hook admin site and click on “Hook Points” in the left hand menu. This will display information about all your currently defined hook points. Click on the “Create Hook Point” button to begin creating your ratings prompt.

Frequency Settings

The Name assigned to a hook point is just for internal use, your app user will not see this name.

The User Frequency Limit and User Frequency Interval fields will be used to schedule how often a user can see this prompt. If you only want to show the prompt to the user 1 time, enter 1 for the frequency limit and 0 for the interval. If you want the user to see the prompt for a maximum of 3 times and have at least 5 minutes between displaying this prompt to a user, enter 3 for the frequency limit and 5 for the interval.

For the Type, select “Message”. All prompts within User Hook are defined with the type of “Message”.

Message Settings

Once you select “Message” as the type, you will see form fields where you can customize the text and buttons displayed in the prompt. For a ratings prompt, you can enter the following information:

Field Value
Button 1 Text Yes
Button 1 On Click Action Open App Store Rating Page
Button 2 Text No
Button 2 On Click Action Close Prompt
Message Content Do you mind rating and reviewing our app?

When the app user clicks on the “Yes” button, User Hook will automatically redirect the user to the page for the app in iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and internally flag that this user has rated the app. When the user clicks the “No” button, the prompt will close.

Targeting Settings

The power of using a hook point to display your “rate this app” prompt is that you can use the targeting rules to only show it to certain users of your app.

For a rating prompt, we suggest using at least 2 rules: # of Sessions and Rated App. As we mentioned in our blog post Better Rate This App Prompts, you will get better results (less negative reviews) by asking users that are having a positive experience in your app.

Using the # of Sessions rule is helpful because you want to show your prompt to people who have used the app for a while. If a user has a high number of sessions, then there is something about the app that they have connected with. For some apps, the ideal number of sessions to use in your rule may be 3, for others it may be 10. This is where you have to look at your audience and figure out what is best. The good thing about using a hook point is that you can always come back and change these settings later.

The Rated App rule is needed because we don’t want to show this prompt to users who have already rated the app.

For most apps, here are the rules we suggest using.

Rule Comparison Value
# of Sessions >= 3
Rated App = False

You can always modify these rules or add additional rules as you see fit.

Click the “Save” button and your “rate this app” hook point will start displaying to users inside your app that meet the targeting criteria.

Displaying Rate This App Prompt Using Code

You are not limited to just using a hook point to display your prompt. In our User Hook Demo App, you will see an example of including a “Rate This App” item in the app navigation menu. Because this is hard coded inside the app it cannot use any of the hook point targeting.

Both the iOS SDK and Android SDK provide simple methods to display a prompt to the user.

[UserHook displayRatePrompt:@"Do you mind leaving us a rating and review in the App Store?" positiveButtonTitle:@"Yes" negativeButtonTitle:@"Not Now"];
UserHook.showRatingPrompt("Do you mind leaving us a rating and review in the App Store?", "Yes", "Not Now");

Qualifying Question

A good practice to follow is to ask your user a qualifying question before asking them to rate your app. The question could be something like “Are you enjoying using our app?”. If they answer yes, then you display the rating prompt. If they answer no, then you ask them if they want to send you feedback about the app. This way, people with a negative opinion about your app will be directed to your feedback page instead of the app review page. The User Hook Example App shows code on how to accomplish this with the User Hook SDK.