Threaded Feedback

Most apps provide a way to contact the developer and express their pleasure (or sometimes displeasure) with their app experience. Most often this feedback is handled by sending off an email to the developer.

The problem with this method is that the user must leave the app to send the email. And once the email is sent, any correspondence between the user and developer is done outside the app through an email chain.

User Hook provides a threaded feedback system where all communication between the app user and developer is contained inside the app. This way a user never has to exit their user session to leave feedback.

Responding To Feedback

All submitted feedback is collected and organized in the User Hook admin website. Through the website, developers can respond to the feedback and track if a user has read the response.

User Information

Since all feedback is sent in-app and not through an email, the User Hook system is able to attach additional information such as App Version, OS Platform and device type to each feedback thread. This helps developers track down issues with specific builds.


Users have the ability to upload an image as part of their feedback response. This is very helpful when a user needs to show you a bug or issue with a certain screen in the app. All the user needs to do is take a screen shot of the particular screen (for iOS press and release Sleep and Home buttons at the same time, for Android press and release the Sleep and Volume Down buttons). Then in the User Hook feedback form, the user will click on the attach image button and select the image from their photo library. This photo will be uploaded and can be viewed in the User Hook admin page.

Feedback attachments are available as part of the Growth and Pro monthly accounts and require the iOS SDK 1.3.1 or Android SDK 1.3.1 or above.