Custom Actions

Besides the built-in prompts and feedback system, User Hook also allows developers to fire off custom actions. Action Hookpoints, Message Hookpoints, and Push Notifications all have the option to have an optional payload.

A Payload is a set of key value pairs (ie. name = “John”). Inside your app you can define a payload listener which will receive the payload values as a parameter and can perform any necessary logic.

Examples of Custom Actions

Custom Actions open up a world of possibilities on how to use User Hook within your app. Here are just a few examples.

Award Users

After a user has used the app for a number of sessions, a custom action could be used to award the user with more game currency or unlock a new feature in the app.

Prompt to Upgrade

For apps that offer paid upgrades, custom actions allow developers to prompt their users to purchase the upgrade. Through hook point targeting, developers can reach users at the ideal time to ask them to upgrade.

Point Out an App Feature

For apps where users create content, when the user creates content for the first time, a custom action can be used to prompt the user to share that content with their friends.